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Personalised Online Health Challenges & Running Programs with Anna Liptak



Small Steps – 12 Month Beginners Marathon Program

Do you dream of being able to run, and even run a marathon?! Then come join Anna on a course of a lifetime, where together we will achieve your goals, one step at a time. Equip yourself with the skills to start right from the beginning and train to run a marathon with me. I’ll […]



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Intermediate Running – 6 Month Marathon Program

This program is SO much more than just a ‘Training Program’! Drag to resize Each week you will be given tips and tricks from health professionals, current podcasts, TED Talks, and more. You will have everything you need to succeed in your chosen marathon with this program. From strength training to injury prevention, you will […]



35 Day Healthy Habits Challenge

Are you needing a kickstart on your health journey? Are you feeling bloated and yearning for a boost in energy? Do you crave accountability and extra motivation on your wellness journey? Welcome to the Healthy Habits 35-Day Detox & Keto Challenge – your gateway to a revitalized, energised version of yourself! 📅 Starting October 23rd, […]

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